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The Word is Fashion as Sean Freeman and Siam Center Join Forces in Bangkok




Siam Center, The Ideaopolis, rocked the fashion world at the weekend with “Siam Center Idea Avenue: Absolute Siam Fashion Capital”.

Held under the support of KTC at Atrium 1, 1st floor of Siam Center, the spectacular fashion show, whose magic was brought to the stage by Creative Director Jirat Subphisankul, welcomed more than 40 brands to unveil “Absolute Siam Spring/Summer 2015” with their latest collections.

The event also featured world-class typographic masterpieces entitled “Absolute Siam Fashion Capital Installation Art” by the legendary English designer and illustrator “Sean Freeman”.  In addition to a complete range of alphabets, from A to Z, he created the word “ABSOLUTE SIAM” exclusively for this show.  Guests of honour were Kongpat Sakdapitak, Jitsing Somboon, Piyada Nanta, Pittaya Vorapanyasakul Senior Vice President-Credit Card Business “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, Panu Ingkawat, Mark Kingpayom, Pomme Chan, Sombatsara Teerasaroch, Tassanai Yan-Ubol.





Mayuree Chaipromprasith, Senior Executive Vice President-Business Promotion, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., said that this was considered to be a prominent event in the Thai fashion industry because leading Thai fashion brands on the third floor of Siam Center gathered together to launch their Absolute Siam collection, exclusively available at Siam Center.  The collections even offer tailor-made embroidery, paint or printing of names or message on the apparel or accessory.  Each artful letter comes from the amazing work of world-renowned Sean Freeman, so fashionistas now have a chance to wear these masterpieces.

To fully showcase the creative “Absolute Siam Spring/Summer 2015” collection of over 40 Thai brands, Siam Center hosted a two-day fashion show.  On February 20, 2015, the Creative Director Jirat Subphisankul brought life to the show of 18 brands.  Eight and a Half introduced Absolute Siam Collection and its latest collection. Chai Gold Label featured the sparkling golden cap as the brand’s signature. Commit a Sin by Pattamon Techanarong debuted simple yet elegant satin dresses and jumpsuits while Curated presented one-of-a-kind E.V.A. necklace. GIN AND MILK, multi-brand store for gentlemen, applied special printing techniques to craft their fashionable shirts.  The Little Pink Rabbit debuted the Unconditional Love collection of luggage tags.  Mr. Tango showcased clutches and luggage for travel enthusiasts.  Additionally, Lala Love London unveiled clutches, caps and shirts in limited editions.




Playhound presented shirts in four stylish prints. Shaka created the Absolute Siam collection by printing its Corporate Identity on the cotton in nine designs, available in dark blue and orange.  Singha Life designed embroidered shirts while Tango offered chic leather bags. Wonder Anatomie carried only Absolute Siam collection in store.  Baking Soda introduced chic tote bags, caps and scarves. 

Theatre introduced not only its latest collection, but also hand-painted cotton scarves.  Workshop launched t-shirts with special prints.  Senada enhanced their simple yet elegant style with chic leather bags. Mathematics unveiled the White Wolf Skin Ring collection, consisting of rings and bangles.  The soft and fluffy fur was perfectly combined with hard metal to make these accessories appealing to all tastes.




On this special occasion, some outstanding Thai designers such as Sirichai Daharanont; Theatre brand, Panu Ingkawat; Greyhound brand, Pattamon Techanarong; Commit a Sin brand, Ek Thongprasert; Curated brand, Chanita Preechawitayakul; Senada brand, Chai Jiamkittikul; Chai Gold Label brand, Jitsing Somboon; Playhound brand, Linda Charoenlab; LaLaLove London brand, Chalermkiat Khatikasemlert; Wonder Anatomie brand, Punsiri Siriwetchapun; Mathematics brand, Chaiyot Phetdsada; Mr.Tango and Tango brand, Kowit Pongpandecha; Singha Life brand, Thananya Thanakitamnuay; Workshop brand were at the party.

After the fashion show, the well-known party maker Dude Sweet took over the third floor of Siam Center and turned it into a funky party, with Gene Kasidit capturing the heart and soul of the guests by deejaying, singing and dancing till midnight.  






At the same time, fashionistas had a chance to admire “Absolute Siam Fashion Capital Installation Art”, top typography designed by Sean Freeman, the renowned British illustrator.  He has stunned people in several countries with his masterpieces that have won many awards, namely D&DA Global Awards 2013/ In-Book, CA Typography Annual 2013 / Award of Excellence, Type Directors Club 2013 / Certificate of Excellence and Graphics 100 Best in Design 2012 / Gold Awards.  He flew directly from the United Kingdom to work his magic on typography by blending different colours and designs on the alphabets from A to Z with the words “ABSOLUTE SIAM” forming the highlight. The masterpieces will be on display at Atrium 1, Siam Center, from until April 9, 2015.






You can witness the fashion phenomenon in “Siam Center Idea Avenue: Absolute Siam Fashion Capital” and you also have the chance to see the second “Absolute Siam Fashion Show” on March 13, 2015, at Siam Center. Brought to life by the Creative Director Araya Intra, the show will reveal the latest collection of 20 Thai fashion brands.