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Hua Chang Heritage Hotel: Serenity and Luxury in the Heart of Bangkok




Old World Charm and New Age Technologies Combine

A charming new hotel has just opened in the heart of Bangkok.  The Hua Chang Heritage Hotel sits within a two minute stroll of the bustling Siam shopping and nightlife area of the city, right next to the Hua Chang Bridge, from which it takes its name.

Using the Thai Lotus as the predominant theme, the hotel bases its colour scheme on the famous flower, with floral designs integrated into the mirrors, carpets and windows, which also feature intricate elephant images and historical scenes.


Words and photos by Paul Hutton, Bangkok Scene.




With seven storeys and 80 rooms, the brand new hotel resembles a relic of yesteryear, but modern technology has been embraced, with soundproofing keeping the sounds of the city at bay, and personal touch screens controlling the room environment.












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