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Emporium Music Rendezvous 2015 Celebrates Valentine’s with Panache



Performance from  Sorat Amatayakul


The Emporium Shopping Complex staged “Emporium Music Rendezvous 2015” for the 13th year, with this year’s concept of “In the Mood of Love” held over several days in late February at The Emporium Gallery, featuring performances by many distinguished singers and guests.




Kriengsak Tantiphipob, Patee Sarasin, Dolchai Boonyaratavej, Supaluck Umpujh and Korn Narongdej


Performance from Bangkok Swing Dance by Chayapong Naviroj


Kriengsak Tantiphipop, Chief Executive Officer, The Emporium Group Company said, “As a world-class lifestyle centre for Thais and foreigners, The Emporium sees the importance of music as a contemporary language that brings people together. For the 13th year, ‘Emporium Music Rendezvous 2015’ was held under the concept of ‘In the Mood of Love’. Every day during the event love songs performed by professional and guest singers gladdened the hearts and pleased the ears of all who attended.”

The launch echoed with love songs from singers Dolchai Boonyaratavej, Korn Narongdej, Patee Sarasin, Sorat Amatyakul and Asada Atornphatai, who spoke about this special performance. The first performance was by Dolchai & Friends led by Dolchai Boonyaratavej, followed by guest singers Maleewan Jemina, Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi and Q from Flure who entranced the audience with their vocals. A special surprise performance by Supaluck Umpujh brought cheers from fans at Emporium Gallery.



Dolchai Boonyaratavej, Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi, Maleewan Jemina and Suveera Boonrod


Performance from  Dolchai & Friends


Performance from Denmark's Ambassador to Thailand


Sorat Amatyakul, daughter of Dr Tip Amatyakul continued the romantic theme with another love song, and Chayapong Naviroj led the Bangkok Swing Dance performance.

Guest singers included Dolchai Boonyaratavej, Patee Sarasin, Varitda and Vudtinun Bhirombhakdi, Poom Kunplin, Nat Thanakitamnuay, Panupong Rienkanogku, Dr Ekktet Chansue, Pimdao Panitchsamai and Paween Limpichat, supported by professional performers including Whatcharawalee, The Parkinson, Art and Petch from KPN, and Puech from The Voice.



Polpat Asavaprapa and Achara Umpujh


Chalida Thaochalee Tantiphipop, ML Punyanuch Dulyajinda and Kriengsak Tantiphipob


Patee Sarasin and Korn Narongdej


Dolchai Boonyaratavej, Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi, Maleewan Jemina and Suveera Boonrod


Dr. Tip and Sorat Amatayakul


Marisa and Kamala Sukosol


Dolchai and Malaiwan Boonyaratavej



Pavenalak Limpichart, Ronnadet Wongsaroj and Alice Tsoi


Performance from  Dolchai & Friends


Performance from Bangkok Swing Dance by Chayapong Naviroj